Saturday, May 31, 2008

while my guitar gently weeps...

I go to the city dump a few times a week. For my job, not as a hobby or anything. But I like it quite a bit. It always gets me thinking. There is so much waste and destruction of nature, but at the same time there is so much life. There's the usual sod strips and household garbage and such. But then there are also ripped teddybears and old sofas and shelves and stoves and clothes. There are all these remnants of life.

On one of my last trips, I was unloading my dump truck and there beside me was a tricycle. On the very top of this pile of discarded life things, was this perfect, red trike. It was in excellent condition, all wrapped up in a clear plastic bag to keep it clean. It was a "mercury" - so old school - and it was beautiful. As I finished up with the tarp on my truck I kept on looking at it and thinking about it and wondering why it was there and who it had belonged to. I decided I couldn't leave it there. It was so sad and so perfect and so old, too old to leave under all that rubble of life. So I pulled open the doors of my truck and threw it in. I brought it home, took it out of the the bag, cleaned it off and its now sitting in my garage.

I want to photograph it. But I want to photograph it back at the dump. This week I think I'll ask the landfill guys if they don't mind me coming back with it for a quick shoot in the near future.

I asked Jamie if she knew of any family at the mustard seed who could make use of it, so I think once I'm done shining it up and taking its photo, I'll bring it there for someone else to give it new life.

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