Wednesday, May 7, 2008

need to know if you're letting go...

Tonight I began another book on my list of works to reread.

'For Me and My House' by Sinclair Ross. I read it in my 2005 Canadian Lit course and something about this dark, rainy day made me think that it was a good choice when I stood in front of my bookshelf. I've found a few underlined passages from my 2005 read, and have decided this time around, to label each newly underlined passage with the year. It is strange to see what stands out to me now, only 3 years later. Here are a few excerpts - taken completely out of context - that have caught my eye thus far:

"what he is and what he nearly was - the failure, the compromise, the going-on - it's all there - the discrepancy between the man and the little niche that holds him."

"To have him notice, speak to me as if I really mattered in his life, after twelve years with him that's all I want or need. It arranges my world for me, strengthens and quickens it, makes it immuve to all other worlds."

"These...threaten to be the scaffolding of his life."

"In the car Paul said thoughtfully that that was the worst penalty inflicted by education, the way it separates you from the people who are really closest to you, among whom you would otherwise belong. Himself now, a ranch boy with a little schooling, he fits in nowhere."

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Jamie said...

"Himself now, a ranch boy with a little schooling, he fits in nowhere."

I want to read this book.

cayliedawn said...

putting the year next to each underline - that's such a good idea! consider it adopted!