Monday, May 5, 2008

streets were made for horse and cart...

Its 5:51am. I am layig in bed, my computer on my chest moving in time with my breathing. I close my eyes and try to forget that the world is waiting for me again today. Curling up under the warm weight of my laptop, warm between duvet and down pillows, I have slept a full night's sleep, but I feel like I could still do more. Instead I let Angus and Julia Stone sing me awake and I stretch out my arms. The last words of the book I finished yesterday echo through my head:

"Go and get your things," he said. "Dreams mean work."

*on a complete side note: my arms, shoulders and face are just starting to be tanned from the few nice days we had last week and when I shuffle past the bathroom mirror in my tanktop, it makes me smile to see the outdoors reflected on me already*

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