Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I always fall in love with an open door, with a horizon on an endless sea....

Almost 3 months since I last posted here. There are reasons for that. Here are a few:

- things going on in my head that I'm not ready to put words to
- the dead feeling you get from doing office work for weeks on end
- holidays
- sidereel
- laundry
- wedding planning
- a birthday
- doing too many things after office hours
- having more disposable income than usual
- getting an Edmonton Public Library card
- Patrick living in Fort McMurray

Here are some reasons I'm deciding to write another post tonight:

- bruises on my knees and palms and cuts on my knuckles
- exhaustion
- having/working for less money but more free produce
- doing less after work hours
- getting an Edmonton Public Library card
- the way you feel after working outside in freezing temperatures for days
- hanging all day from a scaffold 15ft up in the air
- the feeling you get when you see the skeleton of a greenhouse and imagine what will grow in it
- Patrick living in Fort McMurray
- good music from a great birthday cd from a friend too far away
- being reminded that distance doesn't always equal being far away
- needing to put words to something, anything, even if it isn't naming what I'm thinking
- a helium filled balloon floating for weeks