Saturday, January 3, 2009

best of 2008 #10...


I've been pretty quite online during the holiday season so I am taking advantage of this slightly lazy morning to write up a quick post. Mainly I was looking at katya's ( stream this morning and thinking that I should do a sort of similar "best of" 2008 kind of run. So without further ado, here it goes: my top 10 photos of 2008 (according to me)


Vik, Iceland Day 2 of our insanely incredible roadtrip around the island. Vik is my new favourite spot on earth. That's Jamie standing on those wild cliffs overlooking the town -you'll see jamie popping up in this post quite a few more times!

*click on the photo to see it bigger*


Jamie said...

i love this picture. that was one of the best days i ever, ever had.

Katelyn said...

HOLY HOLY Cow.. you are just amazing me. i would love to have taken such a shot.. in such a beautiful location... and to have that memory.. great work