Saturday, November 19, 2011

These are the places you will find me hidin'...

It's been a while. 8 months to be exact. I'm sure anyone who ever did follow this has long since lost interest in "following" but that's okay because I want to write this to remind myself of it, months, years from now.

I want to remember this fall.

Driving the endless back highways of western Alberta in early November. I want to remember dark mornings driving from Hinton to Drayton Valley, Efterklang's Natural Tune bringing in the sun. Too dark at 6:30 am but orange streaks eating away at the night from the tops of hills and trees until the sun becomes a metronome of light hitting the highway, the tires, my eyes through forested roads. Cattle grazing in cleared fields along the highway, their breath hanging in pools around their noses and feet, clinging to their legs.
I want to remember this.

I want to remember quiet mornings with Henk curled in a corner listening to the keyboard's clicks punctuating Head and the Heart's new album. Bundled up sweaters and slippers on hardwood. -30 celsius outside and poetry books laying open on the floor next to recipes.
I want to remember this.

I want to remember waking up warm in a cold house, squished between husband and cat. Shallow and deep breaths, snow on the rooftop next door. Cookies for breakfast. Thick, jean stretching long johns and feet in boots two sizes too big in order to fit properly warm socks. And sweaters under jackets under sweaters with mittens that need mending.
I want to remember this.


Rasmus said...

I happened to read this by chance - proud to be part of your mornings and it's exciting to hear how our music is soundtracking western alberta high ways and minus 30 degree celsius days

greetings from Copenhagen
Rasmus / Efterklang

cayliedawn said...

just wanted to say hi, and say i still read this. hopefully i'll see you at christmastime.

Bronwyn said...

I still read!

Had a bit of an "Oh wow" moment when I saw who commented.

Also, being the middle spoon between man and cat is probably the best place in the world.