Wednesday, October 13, 2010

you who are my home...

It's just starting to get light out. I'm already dressed and packed for work and finishing some toast while I look out the window of my livingroom. There's a difference in the morning air this week. By the time 5pm rolls around and this sun is making everything golden, it still feels as though summer is hanging on, but in the morning, winter is close by. I like the kind of blues that this weather and temperature put into the sky though. It's gorgeous.
This week is full of big dreams and ideas and decisions and my emotions have been all over the map. Mostly I feel young and small and not ready to make the decisions we need to. But in this moment, when the air is cold and the trees are bare and the sky is that blue with just the beginnings of pinks and reds on the nearly invisible clouds, I feel okay. I feel like I can breathe.

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Andy Coffey said...

Hey there Bri,

Nice blog.... great name for one, and looks, from my glance, like a nice life you have.
I'm from Indiana (Bloomington, where the University is.) I'm a carpenter, and singer song-writer. I also try my hand at blogging.
I look forward to perusing your Bangladesh material some time. I came by your blog randomly [next blog button.] Glad for it.
Take care. A good portion of my happiness is the celebration of life going on that I would never know, were I not to simply consider people such as yourself. Thanks!