Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you wanna, you wanna, you wanna, you wanna.....

I bought really cheap wine last week just on a whim. I opened it last night and it was really really good. Surprisingly good. I'm always surprised when something cheap like that is so enjoyable. I sometimes get too caught up in the idea that for something to be good, it has to be expensive. Which is strange because most of my favourite things are inexpensive, if not free. I am making a brief list of those things here:

- $9 wine
- cool wet grass on a really hot day
- ivy
- walking past a house when its cold and they're doing laundry and it's steaming out of the vent and it smells so cosy
- sunlight behind leaves
- hearing a song at just the right moment when you didn't know you were craving it
- raspberries that are picked and eaten right away and still hot from the sun
- seeing a parent really truly enjoying themselves playing with their kid
- early morning light
- tanned shoulders
- the smell of a peach
- Cobbs pastry in the morning
- plaid flannel button ups