Thursday, May 28, 2009

sleep on the floor, dream about me....

Tonight I should be sorting laundry. Or processing wedding photos. Or calling my grandma. Or making a lunch for tomorrow. But the sun was so beautiful, I couldn't do any of these yet. I've been sitting on my back porch reading poetry and sipping wine and reading poetry. I've done a lot of poetry reading lately and it has been good. Very good. Hard to explain good. Tonight was a Hafiz night. I have two to share:

Resist your temptation to lie
By speaking of separation from God,

We might have to medicate

In the ocean
A lot goes on beneath your eyes.

They have clinics there too
For the insane
Who persist in saying things like:

"I am independent from the

God is not always around

Pressing against
My body."

The pawn
Always sits stunned,
Chained, unable to move
Beneath God's magnificent power.
It is essential for the heart's coronation
For the pawn to realize
There is nothing but divine movement
In this



natasha said...

I like Hafiz a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think I found your blog quite a while ago through your Flickr account. I bookmarked it and forgot I had it quite honestly. The past few weeks I stumbled upon the link while sorting out my computer and, over a cup of tea, read the entire thing. Both of them, actually, and I just finished now. It felt odd to have read so much of you and not said a word so I thought I'd drop a "hello" and thank you for writing all that you have. Some entries felt like they had been pulled from my own mind and it makes me smile. :)