Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you've gone a million miles, how far did ya get....

I've been through the full gamut of weather in the past 24 hours.

2:15pm Monday: I was napping on a sunny hillside in Stirling Ontario.

3:30am Tuesday: packing up and leaving Stirling in darkness to make my early flight out of Toronto

8:00am Tuesday: flying back across the country over fields of yellow and green and brown, watching spring from the air

9:05am Tuesday: a collective groan through the sold out plane when we broke through the low cloud cover to descend into a snow/sleet covered edmonton

10:21am Tuesday: making it to work just barely late with wet socks and shoes from navigating my way through a slushy alley way while being blinded by sleet coming down sideways at me

1:25pm Tuesday: sitting at work watching the snow slow down and the wind pick up, whipping around the tops of the evergreens in the river valley

3:15pm Tuesday: venture out of the shop for lunch to find it much warmer than when i arrived

4:21pm Tuesday: wind slows down while the clouds break from dull, flat winter white into puffy chunks that glimmer white/gold at the edges and hang heavy black grey in the middles.

5:00pm Tuesday: between the wind and the sun, all that slush and snow melts and dries to reveal a no longer brown edmonton.

6:15pm Tuesday: the brown/yellow grass I left in my backyard on wednesday is suddenly all green and shines almost neon as the sun sets against it.

This country is really beautiful. I need to see more of it.


holeysocks said...

Lisa likes this.

Though she will wait on the green grass a bit if it means avoiding the snow/sleet.

natasha said...

Natasha is very tired of Alberta weather.