Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kiss you goodbye and walk right through that doorway...

I tried to write a new post all day. Instead, I've just come up with a list of things I want to do, but don't know how or when. It is as follows:

- spend a year learning carpentry
- travel to Borneo
- spend a weekend photographing the Alberta Oil Sands in Ft. Mac
- write for Air Canada's En Route magazine
- present another photography show...but a more focused, more cohesive set
- get my MA in English Lit
- build an ice sculpture (I once saw this guy on Sesame Street fill balloons with water and freeze them into perfect ice spheres...its stuck with me)
- see Ayers Rock
- attend an outdoor Sigur Ros (and/or Xavier Rudd) concert
- photograph the Queen Charlotte Islands
- write a children's book
- oh so many other things, but work is done and I'm headed home to dream some more...


cayliedawn said...

if you go to fort mcmurray or haida gwaii or both, lemme know. i'd love to come with.

Jamie said...

in your dreams, are sigur ros and xav playing together?

Bethany said...

i got really excited about the ice spheres. maybe we should make some at home just for fun.