Sunday, March 2, 2008

amongst the crowd a heart will break and a heart will mend...

I am here! Still here. Despite the craziness of this week and my lack of blogging, I am taking a breathing break to spend some time to put into words some jumbled thoughts from this week. At the moment, I am sitting on my bed, with every movement of my body sending out whiffs of beer. My co-worker put Big Brother on the TVs at work tonight and so, half of the last just of keiths red I poured ended up all over me because I was watching the veto competition instead of the tilt of the spout. great.

That being said, I am overwhelmed with exhaustion and so I will point form some things I have been thinking about and leave them to perhaps expound upon later...

- "You are not our little closet secret anymore" -Jamie at my photography opening

- Angus and Julia Stone are my new favourite musical artists

- What would your parents have been like had they led different lives?

- I really love poetry

- I think I could do great post graduate work in sociology on reality television shows

- 10 years is a very small block of time, but in the next ten years, my life will most likely be drastically changed

- post script to the one above...I want to be able to say that every 10 years

- Bodies need sleep

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Patrick said...

You're absolutely right.

Good night.